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Thanks for joining us on Tuesday, April 13, for Let’s Talk Recruitment! We hope you enjoyed diving into the tactics, techniques, and communication strategies that savvy marketers are using for better recruitment in 2021.

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It’s no secret that 69% of employers are struggling to fill jobs.* The talent shortage is real, but with the right tools and techniques, finding the right talent for your business can be easier and faster than ever. In our latest Let’s Talk, we brought together three industry experts to share their thoughts on recruitment and answer questions like:

  • How do I ensure candidates are as qualified as possible?
  • Does recruiting on social media really work?
  • How can I make sure my recruitment ads reach the right people?
  • How do I decide which job sites to use?
  • How can I attract both passive and active applicants?


*Top 50 Hiring and Recruitment Statistics for 2020, TalentLyft

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Meet your speakers. Cassie Thompson | Director of Organizational Development Ask Cassie Thompson and she’ll say she has the best job at Infinity. If you’re a fan of recruitment, professional development, and other people-centric programs, you’ll likely agree. As our director of organizational development, as well as your host for Let’s Talk, Cassie knows a thing or two about the recruitment game. Over her 10-year career in human resources, Cassie has created customized interviews and assessment centers, flown around the country to recruit the best possible talent, and taken Infinity’s talent acquisition to the next level.
Meet your speakers. Carly Saul | Media Supervisor Carly has made a name for herself as the go-to expert for health care recruitment at Infinity. As our media supervisor, she’s responsible for strategic planning and media buying across a wide range of clients, focusing predominantly on health care accounts. To help her clients find the right talent for their businesses, she leans into more than ten years of experience developing audience profiles for major brands. Every step of the way, Carly leverages digital efficiencies into the traditional media mix to find the right fit for the job.
Meet your speakers. Gina O’Donnell | Social Media Supervisor In the last few years, recruiting across social media platforms has exploded — and Gina has been there for every twist and turn. As Infinity’s social media supervisor, she’s developed recruitment campaigns, engaged with countless potential employees across platforms, and so much more. Gina trains team members and clients on best practices, implements content, develops strategies, and constantly reviews metrics for ways to optimize and improve performance.

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